About LaMPS

Leadership and effective management have never been in greater demand in health and social care. LaMPS is your professional network and offers support, access to a variety of expertise, mentoring, a forum for debate and discussion and help to with all facets of delivering health and social care.

Who are we?

LaMPS - Leaders and Managers of Physiotherapy Services is the CSP professional network for leaders and managers of Physiotherapy services. As health and social care evolves in all the four home countries and overseas the traditional hierarchical Physiotherapy structure continues to change. Physiotherapists are being called on to lead and manage from early stages in their career to general management. Reflecting current healthcare services, membership is open to all professional groups engaged in healthcare management. Developments in healthcare delivery now see a greater number of our members in the private and independent sectors, some in social enterprises and others in research.
Changes across healthcare recognise the vital role that leadership has to play, alongside efficient management, to deliver modernised health services demanded today in the UK and beyond. We recognise as health is a devolved responsibilty the opportunities and challenges facing members in different parts of the UK are varied and LaMPS delivers a network to support those engaged with today's healthcare environment.

Our core values

Our core values remain the unaltered. We are committed to supporting our members at a local level across all four countries with an emphasis on:

  • Supporting new managers - see our upcoming events
  • Influencing the CSP - LaMPS members are on many CSP committees and also meet with the CSP senior management regularly, to share what is really happening on the ground
  • Providing peer support and mentorship - regional representatives are the first port of call for this

It is this grass roots support and knowledge that sets LaMPS apart in providing a Professional Network run by leaders and managers for the leaders and managers of today and tomorrow.

About this website

Most of the information on this site is restricted for use by LaMPS members only and you will be asked to log in to see it.